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Form Options To Help You Get the Most From Your Business Website

Just about every website has at least one online form. And if you are a business owner chances are you have at least one form on your site as well. But are you getting the most out of your forms? Let's face it .. the little ol' Contact Form is not really something most business owners want to spend too much time on. It would be easier to just put an email link on your site and invite potential clients/customers to email you but we all know that opens up a pandora's box of problems. Every business owner likely has an email inbox that is already overflowing. Inviting people to just email you willy-nilly without any constraints is asking for trouble. That's why when it comes to Contact Forms less is often more. Keep it simple and direct the user to send you just enough information for you to get an idea what they want before you reach out to them. But remember, a Contact Form is not the only type of Form you may need on your website. Forms have endless possibilities and when used correctly and creatively can benefit your business (and your workflow) greatly. Take a look at the example in the image at the top of this blog post. That's a screen shot of a form we did for a client that hosts an annual charity golf tournament. In this instance participants "sign up" for the tournament by entering their team/player information and contact information and T-Shirt size (for a complimentary shirt that all players receive). Seems pretty simple .. but here's what we did that took this form to the next level: We created a database that the form posted to in addition to the normal email that is sent to the form recipient (the tournament director). We then created a page on the website that is hidden and only accessible by the tournament director and planners. This page displays all the entries in the database and updates automatically. This way the director and planners have two resources to use when setting up the tournament .. emails with every team/player entrant and an online list where they can see every entrant at once. Sounds pretty cool, right? But you'd be surprised the number of business owners who have no idea they can access something so simple for their own business and just how easy it…

Social Media: An Important Business Tool

In 2017 if you're not utilizing Social Media in some way to market your business you are missing out on an every growing segment of the population (ie. potential clients/customers). Recent studies have revealed that the younger generation (and to some extent middle agers) are growing more and more dependent on Social Media for recommendations/reviews/suggestions when it comes to local business. How many times have you seen a post on your personal Facebook page by a friend who is at a very cool looking new restaurant in your city. Maybe there are pictures of the menu, or drinks, or even what they had for dinner. Comments along the lines of, "Wow, we love this new bistro and it's right around the corner from our house!" Intrigued, you go check it out the next day and equally impressed, you are sending out the same type post to your friends!! This form of "organic marketing" is a business' best friend. While it's true you can't control who/when/what your customers send out to the world you can take the first step of creating your own business Facebook page and sending out your own posts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Many repeat customers will depend on these posts when choosing whether to patronize your business on a continuing basis. Facebook isn't the only great Social Media option .. Twitter can be equally beneficial if your Twitter account is heavily promoted. Google+ and Linkedin do not have the same target audience as Facebook and Twitter but they are growing and each has its own niche. Setting up Social Media accounts is easy but we can help you if you don't have the time or know-how. We can even help you set up a schedule of posts or do it for you!! To sum it up, marketing with Social Media is necessary, vital and best of all it's "easy-peasy" for even a novice. Ask us how we can help! ~Todd

What are we doing Monday? We’re watching Football!

This Monday night will be the 2017 NCAA Football National Championship Game in Tampa, Florida. The Clemson Tigers will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in a rematch of last years National Championship Game! If you're like us you love your football and it doesn't get any better than this game. The 13 - 1 Tigers are out for revenge. The 14 - 0 Crimson Tide are trying to keep their streak alive. What a matchup! So who do we like? Well .. we have a lot of family involved with Clemson University so our loyalties are pretty rock solid. But let's be honest, the Tide have one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the country. They will be out in force for this game, both in person and in front of television sets all across the USA. So Monday night you will know what we will be up to at ToddDayGraphics. Are you going to be watching? Do you have a dog in this hunt? Let us know!!

New Year: New Website?

Most business owners are not aware that their website needs to be updated often. I don't necessarily mean a full-on reboot every 30 days but at the very least you should be adding new content, updating images and WRITING A BLOG. So why is this important? First of all lets look at it from a user standpoint. We all love new .. new clothes, new car, new job, new year. It's in our DNA to constantly be changing and evolving. We get bored quickly with the same old routine ("peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch again?"). When a frequent visitor to your site sees the exact same content every time they land on a page they will eventually grow bored and move on. It's human nature. Next there's the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) part of the equation. The complex algorithms used by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc return search results based on parameters such as the number of times certain keywords in your search text match in a website's content. For instance, if you go to Google and type in "where can I buy bananas?" the results are likely going to include local grocery stores and farmers markets because they are selling bananas and the word "bananas" appears in their content multiple times. If I wrote a blog post and included one sentence that said, "Boy do I love bananas" it would likely be waaaay down in the results. Probably not on the first 20 - 30 pages. Or more. Those pesky algorithms at work!! So how do you make the algorithms work for you? Content, content, content. Those pesky algorithms also look for new content in established sites. Content that changes and refreshes. Relative content. If every 30 days you write a blog post that touches on your business and includes lots of rich keywords, Google is going to notice. The more you do this the more Google notices. It's an organic process that builds on itself. If you don't have a blog I highly recommend you start one now!! If your site is built on the Wordpress platform you only need to simply start writing blog posts and publishing them so that they appear on your site. If you have an older site or one that is a static, custom coded site, you can create a blog at or have your developer create a blog with…