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New Year: New Website?

Most business owners are not aware that their website needs to be updated often. I don't necessarily mean a full-on reboot every 30 days but at the very least you should be adding new content, updating images and WRITING A BLOG. So why is this important? First of all lets look at it from a user standpoint. We all love new .. new clothes, new car, new job, new year. It's in our DNA to constantly be changing and evolving. We get bored quickly with the same old routine ("peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch again?"). When a frequent visitor to your site sees the exact same content every time they land on a page they will eventually grow bored and move on. It's human nature. Next there's the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) part of the equation. The complex algorithms used by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc return search results based on parameters such as the number of times certain keywords in your search text match in a website's content. For instance, if you go to Google and type in "where can I buy bananas?" the results are likely going to include local grocery stores and farmers markets because they are selling bananas and the word "bananas" appears in their content multiple times. If I wrote a blog post and included one sentence that said, "Boy do I love bananas" it would likely be waaaay down in the results. Probably not on the first 20 - 30 pages. Or more. Those pesky algorithms at work!! So how do you make the algorithms work for you? Content, content, content. Those pesky algorithms also look for new content in established sites. Content that changes and refreshes. Relative content. If every 30 days you write a blog post that touches on your business and includes lots of rich keywords, Google is going to notice. The more you do this the more Google notices. It's an organic process that builds on itself. If you don't have a blog I highly recommend you start one now!! If your site is built on the Wordpress platform you only need to simply start writing blog posts and publishing them so that they appear on your site. If you have an older site or one that is a static, custom coded site, you can create a blog at or have your developer create a blog with…