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Victory Lodge 1725

Project Name: Victory Lodge 1725 URL: Project Type: Website Notes: Victory Lodge 1725 is a local lodge in Charlotte, NC for a large, international labor union. This site focuses heavily on information and "breaking news" so the blog portion of this site is the most important. Updates are almost daily and the site features numerous photo galleries and other resources for the members of the lodge.

Friends for Lawson

Project Name: Friends for Lawson URL: Project Type: Website Notes: A charitable foundation in Gaston County, NC; Friends for Lawson's showcase is their annual charity golf tournament. The website we created for them tells their compelling story and also serves as an online registration point for the golf tournament as well as independent donors throughout the year.

Legacy Dental Coach

Project Name: Legacy Dental Coach URL: Project Type: Website Notes: Legacy Dental Coach is a division of The Dental Business. This beautiful website showcases the coaching and consulting side of Mary Fisher-Day's business. This website, while not a stand-along e-commerce site, does funnel e-commerce traffic to The Dental Business website.

Bites and Business

Project Name: Bites and Business URL: Project Type: Landing Page Notes: Bites and Dental Business events are panel discussions with dental industry, financial and security and insurance experts held in major cities around the country. Created by Mary Fisher-Day of The Dental Business, these events are best served with a simple landing page to advertise the events and funnel registrations through The Dental Business website.

The Dental Business

Project Name: The Dental Business URL: Project Type: Website Notes: The Dental Business is a coaching and consulting firm in Charlotte, NC. They needed a full-featured, e-commerce site to serve as the umbrella site for the company's various divisions. On this site visitors can pay for fees and services, order products to be delivered to their door and register for live and streaming events.

The Dental Business Book

Project Name: The Dental Business Book URL: Project Type: Landing Page Notes: We created a simple e-commerce enabled landing page for Mary Fisher-Day's best selling book "The Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success." Many people confuse landing pages with full-fledged websites but the main difference is a landing page is normally one page and used for a specific purpose, such as selling or marketing a product/service or advertising an event, etc.

Seth’s Giving Tree

Project Name: Seth's Giving Tree URL: Project Type: Website Notes: Seth's Giving Tree is a charitable foundation in Lancaster, SC. When they came to us years ago they needed a site quick and we were happy to help. This old school website is getting a much needed facelift/update soon so stay tuned for the big reveal coming in early spring!

Friends Sports Bar & Grill

Project Name: Friends Sports Bar & Grill URL: Project Type: Website Notes: Friends Sports Bar & Grill in Belmont, NC came to us for a website when they opened several years ago. This "Old School" site features a Facebook feed on the homepage, rotating daily specials menu as well as the restaurant's menu, music schedule and special events information.

Beautiful Websites

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Optimized for Mobile

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