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Bites and Business

Project Name: Bites and Business URL: bitesandbusiness.com Project Type: Landing Page Notes: Bites and Dental Business events are panel discussions with dental industry, financial and security and insurance experts held in major cities around the country. Created by Mary Fisher-Day of The Dental Business, these events are best served with a simple landing page to advertise the events and funnel registrations through The Dental Business website.

The Dental Business Book

Project Name: The Dental Business Book URL: thedentalbusinessbook.com Project Type: Landing Page Notes: We created a simple e-commerce enabled landing page for Mary Fisher-Day's best selling book "The Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success." Many people confuse landing pages with full-fledged websites but the main difference is a landing page is normally one page and used for a specific purpose, such as selling or marketing a product/service or advertising an event, etc.