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The Dental Business

Project Name: The Dental Business URL: thedentalbusiness.com Project Type: Website Notes: The Dental Business is a coaching and consulting firm in Charlotte, NC. They needed a full-featured, e-commerce site to serve as the umbrella site for the company's various divisions. On this site visitors can pay for fees and services, order products to be delivered to their door and register for live and streaming events.

First site utilizing WordPress

We are pleased to show off the first site that we have developed using the award winning Wordpress.org platform. http://thedentalbusiness.com The Dental Business is one of our longest running clients. Over the years we have done many site redesigns and refreshes as they like to keep their content fresh and up to date. We made the decision to use Wordpress for their latest reboot after much research and sterling testimonials from some very trusted business associates. We hope you love the new site as much as we (and they) do. Feel free to leave us some kudos!! We appreciate your feedback.