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We design great online ads for your company. Google Adwords, pop-ups and banner ads, social media ad placement, email newsletters and even print ads! We'll help you get your business seen by the right people. Contact Us today for more information or to get started on an Advertising proposal.

We don’t just do websites!

Did you know we don't just create websites at Todd Day Graphics? Some of our most valued clients are those who need advertising services. Some even as simple as flyers for posting on bulletin boards, etc. Yep, hard to believe but we will sit down and create a stunning full color flyer or poster (or black and white if that's more your style). We don't ever consider any job too small! Need a new church bulletin? We'll take care of that. Your grandson's band needs some cool flyers for the school bulletin board? We will knock that out of the park! Planning a yard sale and want a corner poster that will attract attention? Yep .. right up our alley (just be sure your HOA approves!). Take a look at the flyer we did below for one of our regular clients. He was so pleased we have now garnered repeat business and a good business relationship we hope goes well into the future!                   Let us help you get your message out to the world ... or the school, neighborhood or break room. We're on it!!  

QR Codes .. next big thing or next big bust?

If you spend any time perusing traditional forms of media such as newspapers and magazines you've surely seen QR Codes popping up everywhere. They're even showing up on grocery store shelves and product packaging! QR codes are those square icon looking images that sort of resemble a thumbprint ... a digital squared off thumbprint. QR Codes are simply links. With the proper tool (app) on your mobile device you can scan the image and your device will instantly open a linked file/image/website in your default browser. It's basically adding clickable links to static, real-life objects! So what's the big deal? QR Codes give you instant access to additional information about a product or advertisement. A sort of "Read More" that can be applied almost anywhere to anything. Think of the possibilities of adding these links to your own product advertising, materials, media and packaging. The sky's the limit! Need help implementing a QR Code campaign or strategies? Let us help. Ask us how now!! ~Todd